Lord Krishna and the Syamantaka Mani (Gem)

Lord Krishna and the Syamantaka Mani (Gem)
Lord Krishna and the Syamantaka Mani (Gem)

Jambvant giving Jambvati's hand to Lord Krishna

Satrajit, a nobleman of Dwarka, was a devotee of Surya, the sun God. Surya being pleased with Satrajit’s devotion appeared before him and gifted him the Syamantaka gem. The Syamantaka gem’s specialty was that it could magically produce eight measures of gold a day.

Satrajit became a really wealthy man. Lord Krishna then approached Satrajit and told him that he should share the gem with the other people of Dwarka and give it to King Ugrasena. Satrajit declined saying that the jewel belonged to him.

A few days later, Satrajit’s brother Prasena wore the jewel as a necklace and went out on a hunt. He climbed a tree waiting for some game, a lion came by and just as Prasena was about to shoot it, a snake, which dropped from the branch above, surprised him. Now Prasena was startled and he fell from the tree. As he was falling, the necklace with the Syamantaka gem got caught in a branch and Prasena hung by the neck, and was killed instantly.

Now the lion below, being attracted to the glow of the gem, picked it up and carried it away. As the lion walked away with the gem, Jambavant the king of the bears saw him. Being seduced by the glow of the gem, he attacked the lion and killed it and took the gem to his cave and gifted it to his daughter Jambvati.

Prasena did not return to Dwarka and people were wondering what had happened to him. Satrajit suspected that Lord Krishna might have killed Prasena in order to attain the gem. Lord Krishna, in order to prove his innocence, gathered a search party and went into the forest.

A few hours later, they found Prasena’s body. Lord Krishna noticed lion tracks around the body and assumed that a lion must have killed Prasena. On following the lion tracks, they came across the body of the dead lion. Lord Krishna noticed that the lion had the marks of a bear’s claws and noticed that there were bear tracks around the body. On following the bear tracks Lord Krishna reached Jambavant’s cave. Lord Krishna sensing the danger ordered the rest of the party to stay outside while he entered the cave alone. Lord Krishna found Jambavant’s daughter Jambvati playing with the Syamantaka gem. Frightened by the stranger, Jambavant’s daughter let out a wail that alerted Jambavant. Now Jambavant thought someone was attacking his daughter and attacked Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna fought Jambavant for twenty-eight days after which Jambavant recognised Lord Krishna’s divinity and surrendered to him. Along with the gem, Jambavant offered Lord Krishna his daughter Jambavati’s hand in marriage. This Lord Krishna accepted.

Lord Krishna then returned to Dwarka with the Syamantaka gem and his new bride. Lord Krishna returned the gem to its rightful owner Satrajit who by then was ashamed of accusing Lord Krishna. In order to make up for his accusations and show his good will towards Lord Krishna, Satrajit offered his daughter Satyabhama to Lord Krishna.

But Satyabhama already had three suitors – Akrura, Kritavarma and Shatadhanwa. They were angered by the fact that Satrajit have given Satyabhama to Lord Krishna and not to one of them. Shatadhanwa in his rage killed Satrajit while he slept and stole the Syamantaka gem from him. On realizing what he had done, Shatadhanwa left the gem with Akrura and fled from Dwarka. Lord Krishna and Balrama gave chase and killed Shatadhanwa for his crime. Not finding the gem on Shatadhanwa, Lord Krishna knew that he must have left it with Akrura for safekeeping.

Lord Krishna approached Akrura and requested him to tell the people of  Dwarka that he possessed the gem otherwise the people of Dwarka would think that he had killed his father in law in order to possess the gem. This Akrura did and Lord Krishna’s name was cleared.

“Jai Shri Radhe Krishna”

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